Torus Artist Ecovillage

Torus Artist Ecovillage: A village that will support art, grow organic food, use natural energy… and won’t charge its residents a penny.


The idea is to create a truly holistic home and creation space to accommodate any artist of any variety… an ecovillage where we can create, grow, share, and learn… produce fresh food year-round with indoor aquaponics, live efficiently, utalise natural energy… and live comfortably without so much dependency on money. A place where artists can just be artists… creatively free…

In the beginning, it will be a place where artists can peacefully practice their art whilst being self-reliant… both energy and food can and will be free. In time, it will evolve into an experiential learning environment, where others can come and learn from resident artists and, if they so desire, simultaneously be resident artists themselves. The idea is to offer artists a choice of freedom from lives that are essentially obsolete, and offer the world another functioning example of a modern sustainable lifestyle that embraces and encourages ingenuity and creativity.


with love & gratitude,
Torus Artist Ecovillage

Last nite we received a contribution of

Last nite we received a contribution of 2 Bitcoin from the generous Cayman Nava.
Thank you, Cayman!

For those unfamiliar with bitcoin, 1 bitcoin is equal to approximately $75 USD. I say “approximately” because the value of bitcoin fluctuates… a few weeks ago, 1 bitcoin was equal to roughly $35 USD… and it’s expected to be worth even more, in the near future, than it is now!

A generous and valuable contribution indeed. ^_^
Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

~Where are/will you be located?
We will be located in rural Colorado. There are a few options for land in south-east and central Colorado, so the precise location is dependent upon which plot of land is most compatible with the ecovillage.

~When can i visit? / Can i visit?
We won’t be open to visits until after the first residence has been built and settled into. Ideally, when there’s additional residences ready for residents.

~How can i join Torus Artist Ecovillage?
The process for joining the ecovillage is still in development… as the village grows, so too will these steps. The first, and possibly the most important step, is communication.

~How much is the rent?
There will be no rent.  ​

~What will it cost to live at the ecovillage?
Time, effort, discipline, dedication, love… Our very survival will be dependent upon the proper functionality of the ecovillage.​

~Will I be required to do any chores?
Because one of the goals of Torus Artist Ecovillage is to provide artists with as much time to focus on their art as possible, each person will only be required to do one chore per day. Except, of course, for times that require the time and help of everyone, such as large harvests or preparing for extreme weather.

~How long can i stay?
If staying in a room in the Dormitorus, the maximum length of stay is six months.
If staying on as a resident, you will be welcome to stay as long as you like.

~Will i be allowed to bring my animal companion(s)?
Yes, of course!
But let’s keep it reasonable… no animal hoarding situations, large predators, endangered animals, or exotics. Dogs, cats, goats, chickens, ducks, geese, pigs… these animals will be a common happy sight throughout the village. Other in-home pets (small animals, birds, reptiles) will be accepted on a case by case basis.

~What can i do to help?
~~~SHARE/CONTRIBUTE: Share us on social networks, with artists you know, artists you just met, at schools, galleries, and so on…

Donate bitcoin to bitcoin wallet address: 12YAJyTnPzd7noWB3KtRhQHw2coVQsREoa
Donate litecoin to litecoin wallet address:  LSZw8t59vAUwVDJUQjGNiDAxku56YSbifv​​

~~~RESEARCH: Help us with research in the following subjects:
free energy (especially Tesla inventions);
composting toilets (the most efficient and affordable systems) or other alternatives;
greywater plumbing;
rainwater collection;
alternative options for wireless internet;

~~~ATTENTION 3D ARTISTS: We could also use help from any talented 3D artists out there. The digital scale models of the ecovillage are in need of their own digital landscape. If interested, email torusartistecovillage @ gmail dot com with the subject “LANDSCAPE” and a jpeg sample of your work.

​​~What arts will be supported?
Performance Arts (stage)
Literary (novels, comics, etc)
Martial Arts
Body Art
Digital Arts

(Something missing? Let us know and we’ll see about adding it!)




Have a question? Add it in the comments and i’ll answer them personally.  ◠‿◠


First Donation!

Over the weekend, Torus Artist Ecovillage received its first donation… in the form of bitcoin!

Thank you wonderful person! ◠‿◠

So it’s official, Torus Artist Ecovillage is now accepting bitcoin donations!… litecoin too!


bitcoin address 16s1ZpLBfvo21Y9t1vtvK1vyCn4PV6VBKW
litecoin address LUYofuHFCms4a476Mpx1GBiRWMYaDBSz5J




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More about Torus Artist Ecovillage at

::conflict resolution & decision making::

One of the largest issues faced by communities of this nature, it seems, is decision making and conflict resolution. It is believed that conflict can be resolved if both parties are being candid about their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. The idea is to get to the heart of the matter and determine whether it is ego, negative beliefs, or a difference of opinion or understanding. Once this is discovered, the conflict is usually released by one or all parties involved.

If face to face communication cannot be calmly maintained between the conflicting parties, then a different method will be used. One creative idea is where each person involved will be asked to express their view of the situation in whatever artistic manner they wish, that clearly states their message… the only requirement is that they do so without negativity and with the utmost honesty. This will be recorded and shared with the other person or people involved.

Requiring that they express their side without negativity allows them to identify the truth of their own feelings. This can be done alone or with a sort of coach… who simply asks leading questions and listens, but doesn’t advise or judge. Mind you, this is still just one idea, and it’s well understood that the method that works for one, may be completely different for another. It’s all a part of the learning process…

Decision making about village functionality will generally be by consensus. The idea is for everyone to have input. However, there will be no indulging “the one who won’t be pleased”… the one that simply enjoys being difficult. If someone is continuously stating that they disagree, no matter what the compromise… then the topic of conversation will be shifted to ‘why they disagree’ and ‘to what they would agree’. If they cannot produce clear and reasonable answers to these two inquiries, then we’ll move on… noting their feelings on the matter. (an example of an unreasonable answer would be “I don’t know…”)

The process itself will be held in a way that encourages sincerity, often during communal meals or in a relaxed social setting where everyone can feel comfortable and equal when speaking. There are no dumb ideas, or unimportant thoughts… if it popped into your head, then it needed to be shared… (provided it’s positive of course… unnecessary negativity is discouraged). Opposing ideas will be addressed respectfully. If everyone is actually being honest about their position, then in time, a logical and reasonable consensus will be met naturally. And if there’s a quibble over facts, there’s always google. ;)